May 9, 2022: Economist Mark Schniepp, Director, California Economic Forecast

Economist Mark Schniepp, Director, California Economic Forecast

Segment 1
Year-to-date sales, overall & without Montecito & Hope Ranch
Santa Barbara house quickly sells twice
Lee Iacocca’s house for sale again
Last week’s guest Darryl Hickman
Past guest, Harry’s Waitress Maude, gets a big tip from a listener

Segment 2
“Yes Virginia, there is a Housing Bubble”…Not!
Supply & Demand, Lender Rules Strict, Low Interest Rates
Difference from today and the 1980’s
Federal Reserve & Administration Policy: Inflation
Energy & Spending
Interest Rates & Investment Returns in the 1980’s
Economically speaking: Biggest Surprise from COVID
Employment Issues

Segment 3
Economist Mark Schniepp, California Economic Forecast
Will an Economist run for president?
Government Buying Mortgage-Backed Securities
Buy Gold?
Where is the Bottom?
1918 Pandemic versus Today’s Pandemic
California Climate Credit

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update

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