March 5, 2018: Adam Simmons, Geologist & Hydrologist

Adam Simmons, Geologist & Hydrogeologist

Segment 1
Year to date homes, condo & Montecito sales compared to prior years

Segment 2
Adam Simmons, Geologist & Hydrgeoologist
The host sees the damage up close for the first time
Montecito mudflow caused by unprecedented rain flow & volume
Extent of damage
How to safely remove mud to avoid future damage
Adam is a ‘Hydrogeologist’ not a ‘Hydrologist’
(host learns this after the broadcast)

Segment 3
Adam Simmons, Geologist & Hydrogeologist
More on the rain
Reports: Preventative steps to be taken
Impact of Montecito Water District pipeline

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update