April 11, 2011: Stop Oil Seeps (SOS)

Stop Oil Seeps, ‘SOS’
Studying the impact of oil seep pollution
James Nelson, Board of Director

Segment 1
Appraisal: Matched Paired Analysis example
City of SB buys a house
The host celebrates a birthday…and so does Santa Barbara
House needed: ‘Rolling’ distance to shopping

Segment 2
James Nelson, Stop Oil Seeps, ‘SOS’
Impact of oil and gas seeps on the Santa Barbara Coast
How ‘SOS’ proposes to reduce oil seeps
The difference between the BP oil spill and what could happen here
No need for oil derricks and off-shore drilling
The economic impact on Santa Barbara and California

Segment 3
Home Maintenance Tip of the Week: Washing Machines

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update