April 4, 2011: Dr. Dan Secord, Former SB City Councilman

Dr. Dan Secord
Former SB City Councilman
Not A Coastal Commissioner
Not representing the Coastal Commission
(OK, former Coastal Commissioner)

Segment 1
First Quarter Statistics, Homes & Condos
Listings in escrow over a million dollars

Segment 2
Dr. Dan Secord
The Coastal Act creates the Coastal Commission
Why it was created and how it benefits the public
Should they act like a planning commission?
If they didn’t, would the Pacific Legal Foundation be out of work?

Segment 3
Motoring with Mark
Proposition 19 high of the week
Matched Paired Analysis for comps
House sells with an unpermitted bridge
Short Sale where the seller wants to rent-back

Segment 4
Weekly MLS Update