May 1, 2023: Syndicated Columnist Dan Walters

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Year-to-date stats including 2011

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Syndicated Columnist Dan Walters
The 173-year war for control of California’s Water Supply
Imperial Valley has rights to 75% of the Colorado River supply
Imperial County in 1907 was the last County to form in California
AB 1337 could allow changes in existing pre-1914 Water Rights
History of Tulare Lake: 1,000 square miles
Take a boat from Bakersfield to San Francisco
Southern Sierras snow brings back part of Tulare Lake

Segment 3
Syndicated Columnist Dan Walters
High living costs solidify California’s two-tier economy
It costs 46.8% more to live in CA than the national average
Housing costs is at the top of the list
$98,000 down payment needed to buy median priced CA home
Net loss of hundreds of thousands of people

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Weekly Multiple Listing Update

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