December 30, 2019: Dan Walters Syndicated Columnist

Dan Walters Syndicated Columnist


Segment 1
Year-to-date stats + Montecito
Debris damaged homes sell
Zillow Lawsuit
$6,725,000 condo across from Staples Center
Long live the Queen
Selling a house tainted by a crime

Segment 2
Dan Walters, Syndicated Columnist
Daily newspapers fighting for survival
Bullet Train:
“A solution in search of a problem”
Metro areas could be better served

Segment 3
Dan Walters, Syndicated Columnist
PG&E – largest utility in the Country
2 groups in control:
Stocks – Keep management & pay off claims
Bonds – Take over management & redo it
Bond group tailored toward Newsom’s plan
Correlation to 2008: “Too Big To Fail”?
PG&E and Housing Bill

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update

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