December 16, 2019: Attorney Barton C. Merrill

Attorney Barton C. Merrill

Segment 1
Year-to-date stats compared to prior years
Call 911
Lucky Bob Braitman & Friday the 13th
Composer Arnold Schoenberg

Segment 2
Attorney Barton C. Merrill
Second hand pot odor
Santa Barbara County has 1.8% of land in California
SB County is growing 35% of all pot in California
Regulations exist but not enforced
A private and public nuisance
No monitoring stations
Follow the money
Growers are near Cities: Carpinteria & Santa Maria
Cities receive no tax revenue

Segment 3
Most expensive house sells in California
Most expensive house sells in Arizona
Mel Brooks lived in this NY home

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update

CalRE # 00976849