November 11, 2019: Top Gun ‘Slider’ Rick Rossovich

Top Gun ‘Slider’ Rick Rossovich, hr

Host was incorrect that Rick always plays the heavy:


Segment 1
Year-to-date stats + without Montecito & Hope Ranch
Dedicated to Steve Richardson
Carpinteria Pot Woes Continue
John Blankenship, Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Museum

Segment 2
Rick Rossovich, Hollywood & Real Estate
Top Gun ‘Slider’ is a family man
Tom Cruise likes Rick’s novel flooring idea
Real Estate is a way of life
Be prepared to buy at all times
You don’t get lucky, it’s work
Comb the market
Tribute to Tim Rossovich
Eva Rossovich is a killer

Segment 3
Rick Rossovich, Hollywood & Real Estate
Buying real estate: Sweden vs. California
“Hot Property” featured when he moved from Hollywood
Rick will star in a new real estate TV show

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update

CalRE # 00976849