October 30, 2017: Brian Cearnal, AIA, Architect

Brian Cearnal, AIA, Architect

Cearnal Collective Architects

Segment 1
Follow up to last week’s “money for mass shootings”
Ellen Degeneres buying and selling real estate
Year-to-date # of sales & median price compared to prior years

Segment 2
Brian Cearnal, AIA, Architect
State Street Charette:
Stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts & map solutions
9 quadrants: identifying issues & opportunities
From Sola to Gutierrez & Chapala to Anacapa
AUD: Average Unit Density
Housing, locals and parking
Is change underway?

Segment 3
Brian Cearnal, AIA, Architect
The host is upset of State rules on building
Presenting the finding to the City Council in December
State Street Underpass Charette could be next

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update