May 9, 2016: Michael Redmond, Director of Research Santa Barbara Historical Museum

Michael Redmond, Dir. of Research Santa Barbara Historical Museum
136 East De la Guerra Street, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Historical Museum

Segment 1
Day 145 with mom’s new hip
Year-to-date # of sales & median price compared to last year
What’s in escrow over a million dollars
Motoring with Mark
The host almost goes 75’ in the air
The last 2 remaining Trolley Cars

Segment 2
Michael Redmond, Historian
1875: 1st mass transit & luxury hotel: The Arlington
From Mule Cars to Electric Trolleys
1899: 1st automobile arrives
1904: Tragedy strikes a Trolley
1929: The last street car departs

Segment 3
Michael Redmond, Historian
Stagecoach: a 21-hour ride to San Luis Obispo
1887: The railroad arrives from the South
1901: The railroad continues to the North
Property Values Double
1903: The Potter Hotel
Morton Bay Fig Tree
The Arlington Saga

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update