December 9, 2013: Lew Sichelman, Real Estate Columnist

Lew Sichelman, Syndicated Real Estate Columnist
Writing about real estate for 40 years

Segment 1
Year-to-date condo & single-family sales
Neck & neck in number of sales compared to 2012
Conejo means…

Segment 2
Lew Sichelman
“Sitting on the dock of the Bay…Chesapeake Bay”
Self-directed IRAs; AKA Checkbook IRAs
Buy real estate with your retirement account
Tougher lender requirements are already here
Today’s guest was turned down…something’s wrong

Segment 3
Lew Sichelman
4 predictions from Zillow’s Stan Humphries
Will lenders compete and ease standards?

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update