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RP Richards Interview 2005

RP Richards

A Santa Barbara icon who came to Santa Barbara in 1955 & left an indelible impression that will never be forgotten

Segment 1

RP comments on Ty Warner’s battle to remodel the Coral Casino
Private property rights
RP offers to host a Radio Real Estate Reunion
He loved his life in Santa Barbara
Was he infamous?

Segment 2

Eulogy to RP Richards 2010

September 5, 1921 to November 16, 2010

Buddy Hackett’s Real Estate Story

Segment 1

An impromptu interview with one of America’s famed comedians, Buddy Hackett. This took place “Quite by accident” in Santa Barbara, California on April 26, 2003. Buddy died 2 months later in Los Angeles, California on June 30, 2003. He was born in Brooklyn, August 31, 1924. My mom was born August 30, 1924 and also in Brooklyn. I’m lucky that my mom is still with me and we just celebrated her 89th birthday in Santa Barbara, California, this past August 30, 2013.

Press play below to listen to the 10 minute interview and then visit Buddy’s website hosted by his son, Sandy: