March 25, 2013: Rick Rossovich, A Hollywood Actor Loves Real Estate

Hollywood Actor Rick Rossovich is a Real Estate Designer

Segment 1
Motoring with Mark
Days on Market for Pending and Sold listings
Agents compete but fairly
Pun of the Week

Segment 2
Rick Rossovich
A Hollywood actor’s real passion: It’s all about real estate
From the Hollywood Hills to Ojai (a Vigevano House) to Sweden
How the real estate selling and rental process differs in Sweden
Converting a grocery store to living space
Living on an island: Kungsholmen
Living on a Peninsula
Why Rick loves real estate agents
Why Rick kicked Daryl Hannah in the head
Why Howie Mandel might not shake Rick’s hand…again

Segment 3
Natural Hazard Disclosure Report:
It is not in a zone but it is in a zone
Ray Williams: My 11th grade classmate

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update