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April 25, 2011: Mary Louise Days, Historian

Mary Louise Days
Santa Barbara Historian
Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation
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Segment 1
Win a ticket to UCSB’s Economic Summit
Year to date sales in SB and Montecito
Easter and Passover; Which is better?

Segment 2
Mary Louise Days, Historian
Santa Barbara is 229 but how old is Mary Louise?
How we celebrate ‘our’ birthday
Who named Santa Barbara and why?
Native daughters of the Golden West
Pearl Chase: Her imprint on Santa Barbara
What would she think of panhandlers on State Street?
Child’s Estate was ‘Hobo Village’

Segment 3
How Santa Barbara celebrated Easter with Cecil B. DeMille
“Vigil and Alta”
Italian immigrant = America’s name
Descendant of the County Court House protects her property

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update

April 18, 2011: Matt Middlebrook

Miramar Hotel, owned by Caruso Affiliated
Matt Middlebrook, Senior VP of Development

Segment 1
Granada Building 7th floor condo, 4,000,000
Year-to-date sales over $1,000,000 = 40% of sales

Segment 2
Matt Middlebrook, Senior VP of Development
Miramar Hotel, when and why it closed
Support from the local community
Coastal Commission approval…at a price
Economic impacts that drives the hotel industry
Recent approval for reduction in the size of the hotel
What business does the owner of the Miramar operate?

Segment 3
History of the nation’s home values back to 1890
One of the top ten gated communities: Brentwood Estates,
Home to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Brady
Percent of listings in escrow over one million

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update

April 11, 2011: Stop Oil Seeps (SOS)

Stop Oil Seeps, ‘SOS’
Studying the impact of oil seep pollution
James Nelson, Board of Director

Segment 1
Appraisal: Matched Paired Analysis example
City of SB buys a house
The host celebrates a birthday…and so does Santa Barbara
House needed: ‘Rolling’ distance to shopping

Segment 2
James Nelson, Stop Oil Seeps, ‘SOS’
Impact of oil and gas seeps on the Santa Barbara Coast
How ‘SOS’ proposes to reduce oil seeps
The difference between the BP oil spill and what could happen here
No need for oil derricks and off-shore drilling
The economic impact on Santa Barbara and California

Segment 3
Home Maintenance Tip of the Week: Washing Machines

Segment 4
Weekly Multiple Listing Update