March 7, 2011: Bridget Foreman, Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf

Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf, CPA’s Since 1948
Bridget Foreman, CPA, Tax Partner
1123 Chapala Street

Segment 1
Bridget Foreman, CPA
Will the mortgage interest tax deduction be eliminated?
How the current mortgage interest deduction works
Applications in different tax brackets
Tax Deduction versus Tax Credit
Abuse of the tax deduction; you may not be eligible

Segment 2
High and low for the week: What does $19,000,000 buy you?
Access a house by a foot bridge
What constitutes an ‘Ocean View’ home?
A bathroom with an ocean view

Segment 3
An after the show caller has corrections on grammar
Phonetics versus correct pronunciations
Why Coast Village Road is in SB and not Montecito
Hot Springs Road and Cold Spring(s) Road?
[A call to the County after the program says it is Cold Springs Road]

Segment 4
Weekly MLS Update