February 21, 2011: Dan Walters, Syndicated Columnist, Sacramento Bee

Dan Walters, Syndicated Columnist
Sacramento Bee

Segment 1
Mortgage interest Tax Deductions on:
Primary and 2nd home
Tax Deductions on loan points
A look at the 21 closed escrows for the week

Segment 2
Dan Walters, Syndicated Columnist
Redevelopment Agencies: Should they be eliminated?
12% of all property taxes go to the Redevelopment Agency
They are 90 Billion Dollars in debt
Definition of blight is too broad
How schools get their share of the pie
Proposition 13, 98 and 22
What does the Public Policy Institute of CA say?
7 million dollars for a ‘Dive Bar’ in Sacramento

Segment 3
Dan Walters, Syndicated Columnist
Sacramento and Santa Barbara has a similar problem: Street People
Will Governor Brown’s financial plan work and is it a good idea?
What about a special assessment for everyone in California?

Segment 4
Weekly MLS Update