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January 31, 2011: Brent Gloege, Physicist & Audio Guru, 1953-2011

January 31, 2011
Brent Gloege,
Physicist & Audio Guru
Feature writer for Popular Science, Modern Electronics & High Fidelity
Masters in ‘Electronic Instrumentation Design’
Owned ‘The Sound Experience’ in Goleta, CA for 30 years before retiring

Segment 1
Economic Review & Forecast on
February 3, 2011 805-963-3787 at
Fess Parker’s Double-Tree.
Motoring With Mark
Exemptions to new landlord law

Segment 2
Year-to-date stats compared to last year
One of the top 10 super exclusive gated communities
Is your condo bomb-proof?

NOTE: The last 2 segments originally aired 7/21/08
Some info on TV’s are clearly ‘dated’

Fires & Earthquakes, what to think about beyond traditional “Safety Kits”
What to do when the power goes out
How to protect electronic equipment
What kind of radios should you have
Batteries: regular versus rechargeable
Plasma TV’s

Segment 3
Brent Gloege

Segment 4
Brent Gloege

January 24, 2011: Mark Schniepp, Economist

Segment 1
Real Estate trends: Upper and lower end
Should I stay or should I buy?
How is the market doing?
Medium versus Average
Good news for Santa Barbara…

Segment 2
…better news for other cities
The state of the economy
Commercial real estate
Tourism & pending hotel projects
Most & least stressful jobs

Segment 3
New law for landlords: 1099

Segment 4
Weekly MLS Update

January 17, 2011: Service Master Anytime

Service Master Anytime

Segment 1
Are you under-insured?
‘Financial Planning Assoc. of San Diego’

Segment 2
Service Master Anytime
Santos Leon, GM
Fire, Flood and Filth
Water intrusion
Caller comments on cost to rebuild

Segment 3
Service Master Anytime
Santos Leon, GM
One homeowner’s nightmare

Segment 4
Weekly MLS Update