rre101018: Margot Zen, Diversified Mortgage

Margot Zen
Diversified Mortgage

Segment 1
Proposition 19 Highs for the week
Percent of listings in escrow above and below $1,000,000
Today in History:
Argonne Forest, France and Argonne Circle, Santa Barbara
Marconi and cell phone billing

Segment 2
Margot Zen, Mortgage Broker
Interest rates: Today and the future
Choosing the correct mortgage broker
Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac
Requirements to qualify for a loan
Single Family; Duplex; Mixed Use loans
Don’t quit your job before getting your loan
Lenders can check your status before funding loan

Segment 3
Zoning Information Reports no longer needed?
Motoring with Mark

Segment 4
Weekly MLS Update